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Best Royal Rice from Anambra state and Eastern Nigeria

Rice has become the most consumed grain in Nigeria today, this has led to our decision to focus on this grain. We produce, process and supply the best quality of rice in Nigeria.  Our rice comes in various improved varieties, these include faro44 , Mass etc.  The milling process is carried out by professionals to ensure that the beneficial healthy nutrients in rice are retained after processing .
Our rice is sourced mostly from Anambra state and other rice producing states in the South Eastern Nigeria. World class processing equipment such as Rice Destoners, Graders, Polishers  are combined to ensure our products stand out.

Our rice sales goes beyond retail outlets, but supplies to government agencies, cooperate organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Religious bodies etc.
Are you looking for High quality, nutritious rice from Anambra State Nigeria ? Then Best Royal Agro Venture you best supplier .

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Seed Cleaner and Destoning Machine in Nigeria

Seed Cleaning, Destoning is one of the processes involved in Rice milling and preparation of other grains for consumption.  One of the setbacks and challengers facing local rice production and other grains in Nigeria  is the amount of stones and other impurities present in the grains. Some Nigerians prefer foreign processed grains to local rice and grains processed locally. This is because of the stones and other impurities found in them after they have been cooked and during consumption .

This is why we source, import and sell seed cleaners, Rice Destoners/Destoning Machines from Asia, Europe, United Kingdom , United states etc.  We supply Rice destoning machines of various capacities, from as little as 400kg per hour to 10 tons per hour .
These Destoners/Destoning machines, are built with different modern technology principles. These include the suction Type Rice Destoners, Gravity type separators etc. Our multipurpose seed cleaning equipment can remove impurities in Rice, Wheat,Sesame,Soghum,Beans and lots of other grains.

Are you looking for the Best Rice, Seed Cleaners and Destoning Machines in Nigeria? Are you looking for Agro Equipments to clean your seeds such as Rice, Wheat, Paddy, Sorghum etc in Nigeria? Are you looking for highly effective stone removing Machines in Nigeria? Then trust Best Royal Agro Venture to meet your needs. From high capacity destoners, to small capacity Rice and Grain destoners for  both Small Medium and Large rice mills.

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Best Royal Agro Rice Huller and Milling machines in Nigeria

After the rice has been harvested , the paddy is cleaned and ready to be moved to the mill. The rice huller is the Agro Equipment used to remove the chaff or husk from the rice seed. The raw rice or paddy must go through this process of hulling or dehusking before its ready for consumption. We source Rice hullers or rice milling machines from the best manufacturers in Asia,Europe and United states of America to suply in Nigeria.

Our rice hullers, milling machines are of different capacities, from 400kg per hour to 5tons per hour. We have machines suitable for small, medium and large rice mills in Nigeria. Some of these equipment are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic . Some also combine the function of hulling, milling, polishing , destoning in one machine . Our equipment are targeted at high productivity, less noise and less power requirement.

The popular SB series combined rice milling machine is one of our recommended equipment for rice mills . So, Are you looking to buy rice Huller or milling machine in Nigeria? Looking for the best quality rice milling machines in Nigeria ? Then best royal agro is your number 1 supplier.

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Best Royal Agro Rice Grader in Nigeria

In the process of transforming paddy (Raw Rice) to the consumable white or brown rice, there are breakages . depending on the equipment used in the process, the amount of rice broken in smaller pieces will differ. But no matter the equipment used, broken rice is a normal occurrence  in rice milling process.
This is why we source , import and sell high quality rice graders or grading machines. Every rice mill in Nigeria needs a rice grader .

we have graders for small, medium and large rice mills. These graders ensure that the rice broken during the milling process, are separated through the sieve, and brings out full grains through the outlet.
There are also multipurpose graders  for other grains apart from rice. Are you looking for rice seed graders for sale in Nigeria ? Best Royal Agro Venture, is your number one supplier of rice graders.

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Best Royal Agro Venture Rice Polisher/Polishing machine in Nigeria

Polishing is part of the rice milling process. Sometimes the appearance of the rice is not as bright as expected after hulling. For this reason there is need to polish the rice to appear as bright as desired .we source, import and sell high quality rice polishing machines . from 300kg per hour to 3 tons per hour, our rice polishers are suitable for small, medium and large scale rice mills . Though some milling equipment combine the function of milling and polishing, rice milling machines are made just for polisher with better appearance .

There are also multipurpose polishers, that police rice and other grains . Are you looking for rice polishing machine in Nigeria ? Do you need a rice polishing machine in Nigeria? Then Best Royal Agro Venture, is your Number 1 supplier.

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Bag Closer/Closing Machine for sale in Nigeria

The old method of sewing polypropylene woven sacks with needle and thread can no longer meet the production demand of packaged rice. To be able to sew more rice bags with minimum time , the need for portable hand held sewing machines arose. These machines are known as bag closers in Nigeria and other countries as well .

Our bag closers are durable and of high quality, sourced from Asia, Europe, United states etc. Looking for durable and affordable Bag Closer or Sack Sewing machine in Nigeria ? Best Royal Agro Venture, will supply the best Bag Closers in Nigeria.

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Digital Weighing Scale for sale in Nigeria

In packaging of food items such as rice, maize, wheat and other grains, uniformity in size is of utmost importance. These grains normally come in sacks of 5,10,15,25 and 50Kg, without accurate weighing system, the container might have 50kg written on it, but the content will be less. To maintain high level of integrity ,Companies and individuals that package grains and other food items for sale, must ensure that the net weight written on the package is exactly as the content. We source, import, sell and supply High quality manual and digital weighing scales in Nigeria.

Our Weighing scales are the best from Asia, Europe, United states and other parts of the world. Are you looking for Digital weighing scales for sale in Nigeria? Are you looking for digital weighing scales from 10 to 1000kg in Nigeria ? Best Royal Agro Venture is your number 1 supplier .

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Best Royal Agro Venture Bucket Elevator for sale in Nigeria

Moving of grains into processing equipment manually is a very tedious task. Not only does it delay the amount of grains that can be processed at a time, but also consumes a lot of physical energy . this is the reason why Bucket Elevators/Conveyors are needed in Rice mills and food processing plants. Among other Agro Equipments that we supply, are Bucket Elevators.

We source, import and supply high quality bucket elevators/conveyors from Asia, Europe and around the world. We supply both Horizontal and vertical elevators of different elevating capacities. From 500kg per hour to 10 tons per hour. Are you looking for Bucket Elevator/Conveyor suppliers in Nigeria ? Best Royal Agro Venture is your best choice for bucket elevators.

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Understanding the Rice Pre-milling and Milling Process

After Rice is planted and harvested, the raw harvested rice is known as "PADDY" . Before this paddy is milled into the white rice we it, it undergoes some processes . These processes include parboiling, Drying and Milling.

PARBOILING First the Paddy is soaked in warm water 70C for 8hrs or more. Then the water is drained and paddy is cooked or steamed for 45 minutes to 1 hour. By this time the shell of the rice begins to open and the content can be seen. Most people in Nigeria use drums and firewood to carry out this process. There are more modern equipment for doing with firewood or electricity.

DRYING After the parboiling process , the paddy is dried in the sun or with a drying equipment for 8hours or more to reduce the moisture content to 14% or %13, which is accurate for the milling.

MILLING This is the process that transforms the paddy into the white rice that we eat. In some cases, the paddy is cleaned and destoned, using precleaners and Destoning Equipment. Then the paddy goes to the Huller which removes the Shell. Then brown rice is gotten at this state. The brown rice is then moved to the milling or polishing section where the brown back or bran is removed to get the white surface .

Most modern milling machines combine the hulling and polishing processes . To further improve the appearance and quality of the rice, extra polishing equipment and color sorting equipment is used .

In a standard rice milling process, the flow goes from Paddy precleaning & Destoning -> Paddy Separation -> Paddy Dehulling or Dehusking -> Paddy Separation- >Rice Polishing-> Rice Grading-> Rice Polishing-> Color Sorting and finally packaging.

It is important to ensure that the parboiling process is done well, and the paddy moisture content is between 14% and 13% before milling. This is to affect discoloration and breakage of rice.

A moisture content meter is used to measure the moisture content of the grain . We are Best Royal Agro, can supply all equipment needed for the enter milling process.We are also capable of installing Small,Medium and Large capacity rice mills.

Want to set up a Rice Mill in Nigeria?

Statistics show that Nigeria Consumes, 6.5 million  tons of rice annually. Out of this,3.5 million are imported. Nigeria targets 3 million tons production by the end of 2017 and self sufficiency by 2018. This makes rice production a very promising venture. However not everyone can go through the tedious planting process, but processing is also as lucrative as production .

You don't need to have a rice farm to benefit from this huge untapped market . Every rice harvested from the farm must pass through the mill before its ready for consumption .
Best Royal Agro Venture is ready and willing to provide you with all equipment needed to set up a rice mill in Nigeria.

Click on the Tab bellow to see a list of equipment required to set up a rice mill.

Which Equipment are needed to set up a rice mill?


Before Milling Raw Rice is parboiled and dried before mill. Apart from the metal parboiling pot and the building, here are equipment required to set up a rice mill.

  • Rice Huller/Milling Machine
  • Seed Cleaner and Destoning Machine
  • Rice Grader
  • Rice Polisher/Polishing Machine
  • Bag Closer or Packaging Machine
  • Digital Weighing Scale
  • Rice Color Sorter
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Moisture Content Meters


  • Modern Parboiling Sytems
  • Modern Paddy Dryers

At Best Royal Agro Venture, We can supply all equipment needed to set up a rice mill in Nigeria.