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We have studied the various challenges facing the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, and decided to provide solutions through modernized agricultural equipment. These equipment  reduces the time and cost required to produce and process Agro products in Nigeria. Read More >>




Understanding the Rice Pre-milling and Milling Process

After Rice is planted and harvested, the raw harvested rice is known as "PADDY" . Before this paddy is milled into the white rice we it, it undergoes some processes . These processes include parboiling, Drying and Milling.

PARBOILING First the Paddy is soaked in warm water 70C for 8hrs or more. Then the water is drained and paddy is cooked or steamed for 45 minutes to 1 hour. By this time the shell of the rice begins to open and the content can be seen. Most people in Nigeria use drums and firewood to carry out this process. There are more modern equipment for doing with firewood or electricity.

DRYING After the parboiling process , the paddy is dried in the sun or with a drying equipment for 8hours or more to reduce the moisture content to 14% or %13, which is accurate for the milling.

MILLING This is the process that transforms the paddy into the white rice that we eat. In some cases, the paddy is cleaned and destoned, using precleaners and Destoning Equipment. Then the paddy goes to the Huller which removes the Shell. Then brown rice is gotten at this state. The brown rice is then moved to the milling or polishing section where the brown back or bran is removed to get the white surface .

Most modern milling machines combine the hulling and polishing processes . To further improve the appearance and quality of the rice, extra polishing equipment and color sorting equipment is used .

In a standard rice milling process, the flow goes from Paddy precleaning & Destoning -> Paddy Separation -> Paddy Dehulling or Dehusking -> Paddy Separation- >Rice Polishing-> Rice Grading-> Rice Polishing-> Color Sorting and finally packaging.

It is important to ensure that the parboiling process is done well, and the paddy moisture content is between 14% and 13% before milling. This is to affect discoloration and breakage of rice.

A moisture content meter is used to measure the moisture content of the grain . We are Best Royal Agro, can supply all equipment needed for the enter milling process.We are also capable of installing Small,Medium and Large capacity rice mills.

Want to set up a Rice Mill in Nigeria?

Statistics show that Nigeria Consumes, 6.5 million  tons of rice annually. Out of this,3.5 million are imported. Nigeria targets 3 million tons production by the end of 2017 and self sufficiency by 2018. This makes rice production a very promising venture. However not everyone can go through the tedious planting process, but processing is also as lucrative as production .

You don't need to have a rice farm to benefit from this huge untapped market . Every rice harvested from the farm must pass through the mill before its ready for consumption .
Best Royal Agro Venture is ready and willing to provide you with all equipment needed to set up a rice mill in Nigeria.

Click on the Tab bellow to see a list of equipment required to set up a rice mill.

Which Equipment are needed to set up a rice mill?


Before Milling Raw Rice is parboiled and dried before mill. Apart from the metal parboiling pot and the building, here are equipment required to set up a rice mill.

  • Rice Huller/Milling Machine
  • Seed Cleaner and Destoning Machine
  • Rice Grader
  • Rice Polisher/Polishing Machine
  • Bag Closer or Packaging Machine
  • Digital Weighing Scale
  • Rice Color Sorter
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Moisture Content Meters


  • Modern Parboiling Sytems
  • Modern Paddy Dryers

At Best Royal Agro Venture, We can supply all equipment needed to set up a rice mill in Nigeria.